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Shopping – The Dynamic Frontier Of Search

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Now that Google has achieved complete dominance of the web search market, things seem pretty stale in search engine land. All initiatives from MSN and Yahoo to reclaim market share have failed and Google’s dominance is now accepted as inevitable. Fortunately for those of us who do not like monopolies the world of shopping search provides a rather more dynamic landscape.

As more people seek out bargains new models are emerging to cater for the demand.

The pioneers of shopping search such as Kelkoo, Pricerunner Pricegrabber and shopping .com remain strong. These sites typically compare prices from a narrow range of retailers who pay for the traffic on a PPC basis. The layout of these sites tends to follow a uniform format with, pictures, price comparison and a bit of review content bolted on for SEO purposes.

A recent innovation is the appearance of aggregation sites such as These blend feeds from some of the other providers to deliver a more comprehensive service.

More interesting has been the explosion in Voucher and coupon sites. These collect the latest discounts from retailers and publish them in a searchable format. Voucher sites are essentially an affiliate play focussed around coupons which direct users to specific offers. Voucher sites have been the fastest section of online shopping in the UK with the following players dominating the UK Hitwise charts:


Such has been the enthusiasm for voucher sites that the bargain hunter’s bible, moneysavingexpert, now features its own voucher section.

One interesting innovation for bargain hunters is Here you get a free product or service for buying or trialling something else. This is proving popular with software vendors who find it difficult to convert their trial users to paying customers. With Trialpay the vendor’s product is effectively given away as an add on to a better known product and the money that might have gone to an affiliate goes to the software vendor instead.

Cash strapped times have also seen a rise in the number of cashback sites with over 30 servicing the UK market alone. The competition in this space is so intense that many now refund 100% of cashback to users. They have to make their own money from any residual adsense or display revenue.

The undisputed king of the new thrift sites is From the same stable as Quidco, Hotukdeals is based around a community of offer hunters who scour the web for deals and share them in real time with their fellow bargain seekers. At number 1 place in the Hitwise UK shopping rewards category it just goes to show that when it comes to online bargain hunting you cannot beat a bit of user generated content.


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March 15, 2009 at 8:22 pm

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